Talent Recruiting Services

Recruit, vet, & hire top engineering and technical talent.

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Flexible, Customized, Talent Recruiting

Don’t have in-house recruiters or need to scale your team up quickly? DISHER Talent Solutions can become a natural, flexible extension of your team for increased efficiencies and amazing outcomes.

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Flexible & On-Demand

You choose when and for how long we work

Choose which recruiting functions you want DISHER Talent to accomplish and which you want to handle internally. For example, our team could be hired to do the search and you may choose to conduct the interviews, screening, etc. You can hire one talent specialist or an entire team. We work where you need us, onsite or offsite.

Our pricing structure is different from a typical search firm. Our services are on-demand—so you only pay for what you need.

We integrate into your team and work within your systems.

Our Expertise

Technical & Engineering Recruiting

Hiring for technical and specialized positions can be difficult as they require more expertise. DISHER Talent is the best in the business when it comes to recruiting, vetting, and hiring hard-to-fill positions.

  • Engineering
  • Executive Leadership
  • Manufacturing Tech
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Technology & IT
  • Sales Professionals
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A Relational Focus

Weekly Reporting & Check-Ins

We provide weekly reports and check-ins to ensure we are on track. Your team gets to know exactly who we are sourcing and where your recruiting funnel is at.

We serve your company with positive attitudes, transparent communication, and an impressive work ethic. We want to see your company grow and thrive.

The DISHER Difference

How we stack up against traditional staffing agencies

DISHER Talent Solutions doesn’t just fill open positions—we become your strategic partner.


  • Holistic Strategy
  • Long-Term Strategy
  • Culture Fit
  • Value-Added Services


Other Search Firms

  • Narrow, Shallow Approach
  • Short-Term Hire
  • Quick Fit
  • No Additional Services

Where Do You Need Help in the Recruiting Process?

We optimize every touchpoint in the candidate journey. We protect and build your brand as we attract top talent.


01. Align

We get to know your needs & develop a talent strategy to meet your objectives.


02. Promote

We build your brand with creative job postings & targeted marketing.


03. Search, Source, & Screen

With industry-leading tools & techniques, we find the best talent for you.


04. Calibrate & Report

We communicate weekly with status, data & recommendations.


05. Interview & Assess

We use best-practice interview tools & techniques to vet candidates.


06. Offer

We have pre-offer conversations with the final offer given by the hiring organization.


07. Review

We provide a final report to evaluate the success of the process and areas for improvement.

Additional Services

Need more support than just recruiting? DISHER Talent becomes your strategic partner.

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Two DISHER Talent recruiters present on the RPM process while in a workshop


When your team needs support, we come alongside with tools, techniques, and strategies to keep you moving forward.

Training & Workshops

Nurture growth within your HR team with our training, tools, and workshops.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team

Are you ready to elevate your workforce and find top talent? Let DISHER Talent Solutions be your strategic partner.

Your path to exceptional talent and strategic growth begins with a single step– reach out to us today!