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Our Solutions for Employers

DISHER Talent Solutions is a nationally recognized talent management firm focused on collaborating with our clients to always deliver exceptional service.

A man being interviewed smiles at two recruiters sitting across a table from him

Recruiting Solutions

Don’t have in-house recruiters or need to scale your team up quickly? DISHER Talent Solutions can become a natural, flexible extension of your team for increased efficiencies and amazing outcomes.

  • Flexible and On-Demand
  • Specialized in Technical Recruiting
  • Relational and mission-oriented

Consulting Solutions

When your team needs support, beyond recruiting, our experienced team can reduce your pain points and help you perform at an even higher level.

  • Long-Term Strategy Development
  • Needs Assessments
  • Compensation Analysis and Offer Management
  • Recruitment Branding
  • ATS Optimization
  • ....and more
A group of team members sit around a conference room table smiling at each other
Two DISHER Talent recruiters present on the RPM process while in a workshop

Training & Workshops

Ready to take your team to the next level of performance? Nurture growth with our training, tools, and workshops.

  • Sourcing Workshops
  • Recruiting Workshops
  • Interview Workshops
  • Whiteboard Workshops
  • Strategic Vision Mapping
  • Culture Tours and Workshops

The DISHER Difference

How we stack up against other traditional staffing agencies

DISHER Talent Solutions doesn’t just fill open positions—we become your strategic partner.


  • Holistic Strategy
  • Long-Term Strategy
  • Culture Fit
  • Value-Added Services


Other Staffing Agencies

  • Narrow, Shallow Approach
  • Short-Term Hire
  • Quick Fit
  • No Additional Services

How We Work

What Does a Partnership with DISHER Talent Look Like?

Our experienced team takes an intentional, proactive approach to meeting long-term business objectives.


— Weekly Reporting & Check-Ins

We provide weekly calibration meetings and dashboards for reporting to ensure we are on track. Your team gets to know exactly who we are sourcing and where your recruiting funnel is at.

— Only Pay for What you Need

Our pricing structure is different than a standard recruiter. Our services are on-demand—so you only pay for what you need.

— A Flexible Extension for Your Team

You can hire one talent specialist or an entire team. We work where you need us, onsite or offsite. We integrate into your team and work within your systems.

— Relational Focus

We serve your company with positive attitudes, transparent communication, and an impressive work ethic. We want to see your company grow and thrive.

Unlock the Full Potential of your Team

Are you ready to elevate your workforce and find top talent? Let DISHER Talent Solutions be your strategic partner.

Your path to exceptional talent and strategic growth begins with a single step – reach out to us today!