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Types of Roles We Hire For

Your most important asset is your people. We can’t wait to help you keep your competitive advantage and fuel future growth.

Engineering Talent

You rely on your engineers to bring crucial innovation, technical knowledge, and problem solving into your organization.

Hiring top engineers and technical talent should be a comprehensive process that evaluates technical skills, soft skills, industry knowledge, and alignment with your organization's culture and goals.

Since DISHER Talent is part of an engineering firm, we understand firsthand how to recruit, vet, and hire the best of the best in engineering.

Learn how using a recruiter, like DISHER Talent, to hire engineering talent can be a strategic and efficient choice.


Construction & Architecture Talent

Recruiting for construction and architecture talent requires attention to specific nuances given the technical nature of the roles and the critical importance of safety, quality, and design.

Our team understands the unique hiring needs for this industry. It requires a thorough evaluation of technical skills, project experience, safety awareness, and regulation acumen.

Manufacturing Technology Talent

Manufacturing technology is a critical component of modern industry. The professionals you hire should possess a unique skill set to ensure your company remains competitive and efficient.

Manufacturing environments often present complex challenges. Hiring top manufacturing tech talent requires a careful evaluation of technical, soft, and industry-specific skills.

Since DISHER is also a Manufacturing Tech firm, we know the type of talent you need to improve processes and efficiencies.


Technology & IT Talent

Stay competitive in the fast-paced world of technology. Leverage a recruiter from DISHER to help you hire technology and IT talent. Our team understands the tech industry, its evolving trends, and the skill sets required for various IT roles.

By partnering with DISHER Talent, your company can secure the top technology and IT talent needed to drive innovation and maintain a technological advantage.

Executive Leadership

Your leaders play a pivotal role in shaping your company’s strategic direction and overall success. Recruiting for executive leadership roles requires a deep understanding of the organization's culture, vision, needs, and objectives.

DISHER Talent takes a comprehensive approach, including thorough assessments and interviews, to identify the right candidate for your organization's leadership team.


Sales Professionals

Aiming to assemble a high-performing sales team? Hiring top sales professionals is a critical task for any organization. Sales teams are at the tip of the spear for revenue generation. Success in this area can have a significant impact on your business.

DISHER Talent is well-versed in understanding the balance needed for sales roles, from industry-specific knowledge to interpersonal skills.

How We Work

What Does a Partnership with DISHER Talent Look Like?

Our experienced team takes an intentional, proactive approach to meeting long-term business objectives.


— Weekly Reporting & Check-Ins

We provide weekly calibration meetings and dashboards for reporting to ensure we are on track. Your team gets to know exactly who we are sourcing and where your recruiting funnel is at.

— Only Pay for What you Need

Our pricing structure is different from a standard recruiter. Our services are on-demand—so you only pay for what you need.

— A Flexible Extension of Your Team

You can hire one talent specialist or an entire team. We work where you need us, onsite or offsite. We integrate into your team and work within your systems.

— Relational Focus

We serve your company with positive attitudes, transparent communication, and an impressive work ethic. We want to see your company grow and thrive.

Our Talent and Recruiting Services

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Need to hire technical and specialized roles? We can help you recruit, vet, and hire for your hard-to-fill positions.


When your team needs support, we come alongside with tools, techniques, and strategies to keep you moving forward.

Training & Workshops

Nurture growth within your HR team with our training, tools, and workshops.

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