Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Team Care Advocate

Brent Heeres | Team Care Advocate

May 8, 2024

Counseling Discussion

Over the years, we have seen significant changes in the workplace as well as a broadening of generational demographics that have shown how important workplace mental health is.

According to Aflac, “74% of workers are stressed. GenZ and millennials are more than twice as likely as baby boomers to experience high or moderate burnout.” This has created the need for intentionality in mental health, wellness, and walking in empathy with our team members.

With May being mental health awareness month in the United States, there is no better time to pause as leaders and HR professionals to consider how you will continue to grow in your knowledge and care for your team in this critical area.

At DISHER, mental health and the support of our team’s wellness continue to be an area of focus. We recognize that we can’t just live with plans that worked in the past. It requires constant intentionality in thought, planning, and action to lead and care for our teams.

Here are a few specific ways we strive to walk in each day along with some resources that may encourage and support the mental health initiatives in your organization.

Therapy Session

Workplace Mental Health Practices & Resources

Coaching Relationships

We train our leaders to be more than just supervisors but coaches who walk with their team members. Coaches strive to focus on empathetic listening and care for the personal and professional well-being of their team members and the goals they are trying to reach.

Regular one-on-one conversations make space for these caring moments along with guiding them for professional success.

Team Care Advocate

DISHER has recently invested in a way to provide safe and confidential check-ins with team members throughout the year. I currently lead this effort within DISHER.

Intentional times for conversation that solely focus on what is on the mind of the team member at that moment enable voices to be heard. Many times, these meetings result in longer-term care and mentoring, walking closely together. Other times there is an introduction to an outside DISHER partner.

Outside Partnerships

We have partnered with multiple local counseling and life coaching resources for the DISHER team and their families to take advantage of when a little extra help is needed, offering the local extra touch of care. A few we recommend locally include: Winning at Home and Headwaters Counseling

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We provide an easy-to-access 24/7 comprehensive and confidential support for all the employees day or night.

Benefits Package

Our Human Resources leader and team look at benefits each year through the lens of care for all aspects of the team member’s life. Benefits include but are not limited to rejuvenation time, leaves of absence, and even ways to connect socially to support wellness holistically.

Flexible Hours

Providing flexible work hours is a way to relieve stress with team members. This includes both start and end times as well as work location, all while we serve our customers.

Two coworkers running together

Wellness Groups

We support our team connecting and gaining the mental and physical benefits of exercise. Examples of this at DISHER are hockey, cycling, running, ping pong tournaments, and basically anything else that brings people together for healthy competition. 🙂

As you consider how to elevate your company’s mental health team care this May, I’ll share one final word of encouragement. A core value (Culture Characteristic) at DISHER is Planning and Preparation. Intentional planning and preparation will help you get to a place of understanding and action in caring well for your team’s mental health. And we all know that good mental health is a key component of a productive, innovative, and collaborative team.

Step into the practices of listening well, asking good questions, and making it known that your organization supports and cares about all aspects of health.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to have a conversation with you on how to care for your own team.

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