Filling six technical positions within six months

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ADAC, a world-leading manufacturer of innovative automotive door handles and components, had undergone some HR leadership transition and needed to hire several key engineering positions to meet growing demands.

They partnered with us based on their existing relationship with DISHER as a quality engineering firm. We knew their team, culture, processes, and skillsets.


To provide timely recruiting for six engineering and technical positions, and coach ADAC’s new HR leader in best recruiting practices.

DISHER Talent Solutions made a Positive Difference with ADAC by—

  • Filling six difficult-to-hire technical positions within 6 months: APD Program Manager, Product Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Hardware Engineer, Model Shop Technician, Supplier Development Engineer
  • Submitting 3 more vetted candidates for further interviewing in the following roles: Senior Electrical Engineer, Senior Product Engineer, and Senior Sealing Engineer
  • Training ADAC’s new HR Recruiter to take over the recruiting function
  • Conducting weekly meetings with each of the hiring managers for calibration and candidate review
  • Adding 850+ candidates to UltiPro
  • Providing phone interview templates to their HR team

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