Developing an Internal Recruiting Team for TGW.

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TGW only had three people on their HR team, and no one was responsible for recruiting. Since 2014, TGW partnered with DISHER to successfully fill a variety of positions in short order, develop an effective recruiting process, and cultivate an overarching recruiting strategy to support TGW’s continued growth in the US.


To actively fill positions, develop an internal recruiting team, and design an overall talent strategy for long-term success.

DISHER Talent Solutions made a Positive Difference with TGW by—

  • Filling 119 open positions to date.
  • Saving TGW time and nearly $200,000 vs. traditional contingency-fee-based recruiting.
  • Creating and developing TGW’s Recruiting Department to support growing needs.
  • Assisting in executive-level recruitment including: CSO, COO, and Director of HR.
  • Developing a long-term internship program for TGW, and identifying and attending targeted college career fairs.
  • Conducting a variety of technical position compensation studies to ensure market alignment.
  • Partnering with hiring managers to understand specific needs and requirements.
  • Nurturing a long-term, agile partnership with flexible hours to help as needs arise.
  • Assisting in market and talent research for a new office in Atlanta.

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